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Welcome to Traverse City's largest selection of Binding & Finishing Solutions! When you've worked hard on your presentation, it would stand to reason that you'd expect a quality finish to completely represent your final product! Check out what you'll get in-house & affordable:


• Coil • Comb • Wire • Velo • Tape • Perfect • Bookletmaking/Saddle Stitch •
• Post • Metal 2 Piece Prong • Round Brass Head Fasteners •
• Laminated Covers • Clear and Color Covers •

• Cutting • Folding • Padding • Drilling • Round Cornering •
• Laminating up to 40" wide •

Finally, our Heidelberg Letterpress takes care of:
• Numbering • Scoring • Perforating • Die Cutting • Blind Embossing •

Coil BindingCoil Binding
The smooth round plastic coil allows pages to turn a full 360° to lie completely flat when opened.
Diameters up to 2 inches.

Comb BindingComb Binding
The most economical binding we offer. Additional pages can be easily added or removed.
Diameters up to 2 inches.

Wire BindingWire Binding
The bindings that gives a high-tech look. Perfect for documents that require a message of security.
Diameters up to 1 inch.

Velo BindingVelo Binding
The thin plastic strip permanently locks every page in place. Most commonly used on legal documents.
Diameters up to 3 inches.

Tape BindingTape Binding
The binding that's similar to Perfect, but is bound with a strip of cloth, and does not use a wrap around cover.
Diameters up to 2.5 inches.

Perfect BindingPerfect Binding
The paperback novel is one example of Perfect binding, it utilizes one continuous cover, which allows for printing on the spine.
Diameters up to 3 inches.

BookletmakingBookletmaking / Saddle Stitching
The quick easy process binds with staples along its folded edge. Whether you need 1 to 5,000 or more, we're fully automated with a Duplo Vacuum/Feed System.
Diameters up to 1 inch.

Also available: Post • Metal 2 Piece Prong • Round Brass Head Fasteners • Laminated Covers • Clear and Color Covers.

For questions about BINDING & FINISHING, or to obtain a QUOTE,
click here. Ask as many questions as you like and please be specific. We will contact you promptly!

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